Volunteers Needed for Exhibit Preparations

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It’s crunch time again and we need some volunteers to help with preparing the exhibits. Please call the museum or email Ann Galonska if you can help.

Below is a list of task we would love to have some help with:

  • There are 8 to 10 garments that will be displayed. We you help with padding the dress forms, ironing, steaming, mending, etc.
  • We also need someone to put together a display of dyed wool skeins in a color wheel formation. The skeins will be pinned onto a piece of foam board with labels identifying the natural dyes next to them.  We have a photo of how they were arranged in a previous exhibit that can serve as a model.
  • Would anyone be willing to make a trek to Joann’s in Manchester and/or other fabric stores to pick up empty cardboard bolt holders?  The stores usually recycle them so they will give them away for free.  We need 30 to 40 of them to outfit the draper’s shop.  The short ones are preferable.
  • We could also use some help with mounting the wall images and text, once they are finalized. New projects will come up each week, so there will be plenty of work for all willing to help. 

It’s hard to believe, but we open on June 2!  Time is getting short and there is lots to accomplish before then.  Please consider helping out whenever you have some free time. Many thanks in advance!

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