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This two-story frame house was built in 1877 for the William Simonds family. It was the boyhood home of Clarence E. Simonds, later a Willimantic physician. It burned to the ground on April 6, 1909 when the Jesse L. Eno family resided there.

William Simonds House
The William Simonds house, built in 1877
William Simonds
After their house burned in 1909 (the old Simonds place), the Jesse L. Eno family had this house built on the same site.
William Simonds House Holiday Hill Camp Sign
Lloyd and Gwen Duff founded the Holiday Hill Day Camp on the property in 1960.

Nothing but a few pieces of furniture could be saved. The Enos soon built a new house on the same site, completed that October. It is located at 41 Chaffeeville Road. In 1960, Lloyd and Gwen Duff, then the owners, established the Holiday Recreation Center and Holiday Hill Day Camp on the property.

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