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NOTE: The library is non-circulating.  Resources may be viewed on site, by appointment.  A photocopier is available.  To make an appointment, contact the Mansfield Historical Society via phone (860-429-6575) or email (


As with any historical work, the books on the list below should be read critically, understanding that the ideas of the authors reflect their cultural context and personal viewpoints, which may be quite different from our modern perspective.

  • Ayres, Harral.  The Great Trail of New England.  Boston:  Meador Publishing Co., 1940.
  • Bates, Albert C. (ed.).  Rolls of Connecticut Men in the French and Indian War, 1755-1762.  Hartford:  Connecticut Historical Society, 1903-1905.
  • DeForest, John W.  History of the Indians of Connecticut from the Earliest Known Period to 1850.  Hartford:  William James Hamersley, 1851.
  • Demos, John.  The Unredeemed Captive:  A Family Story from Early America. New York:  Alfred Knopf, 1994.
  • Drake, Samuel G.  The Book of the Indians of North America: Comprising Details in the Lives of About Five Hundred Chiefs and Others.  Boston: J. Drake, 1833.
  • Johnson, Steven F.  Ninnuock (the People): the Algonkian People of New England.  Marlborough, MA:  Bliss Publishing, 1995.
  • Lavin, Lucianne.  Connecticut’s Indigenous Peoples:  What Archaeology, History, and Oral Traditions Teach Us About Their Communities and Cultures.  New Haven:  Yale University Press, 2013.
  • Oberg, Michael L.  Uncas: First of the Mohegans.  Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 2006.
  • Pasay, Marcella Houle.  Full Circle:  A Directory of Native and African Americans in Windham County CT and Vicinity, 1650-1900.  Bowie, MD:  Heritage Books, 2002.
  • Spiess, Mathias.  The Indians of Connecticut [Tercentenary Commission of the State of Connecticut].  New Haven:  Yale University Press, 1933.
  • White, Henry.  The Early History of New England, Illustrated by Numerous Interesting Incidents.  Concord, NH:  F. S. Boyd, 1845.
Manuscripts and Maps:
  • Anonymous.  Indian Tribes in Connecticut [photocopy of undated map].
  • Munsell, Ruth V.  Letter to Dr. Douglas Jordan [State Archaeologist, University of Connecticut], May 1972, regarding Indian sites in Mansfield, Connecticut.
  • Shepard, Odell.  Indian Connecticut [map].  Originally published as an endsheet to Connecticut, Past and Present (New York:  Alfred A. Knopf, 1939).

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