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Don’t miss your last chance to see this year’s exhibits. The museum is open Saturday and Sunday 1:30-4:30PM through September 30TH.

Admission $3.00. Free for MHS members

This years exhibits are:

Female Finery: Local Fashions, 1850-1910

A stunning display of women’s clothing and accessories, spanning from the mid-19th century to about 1910. This will be the first time that many of these pieces of our collection have been displayed. From fine silk wedding gowns, to Sunday’s best, this exhibit will be a visual feast for the eyes. Most were worn by local women and some have interesting histories.

Our general store has also been transformed into a 19th century millinery shop displaying many hats including feathered hats that were all the rage in the late 1800s. Millinery was a popular female occupation in the 19th century and offered women a rare opportunity to own their own business.

Many thanks to Laura Crow for her leadership in preparing this fashion exhibit. All the volunteers have been working diligently repairing the garments, constructing improvised undergarments, ironing miles of petticoats, and padding the dress forms to custom fit each garment. Following are those who have spent many hours preparing for this exciting exhibit: Mary Feathers, Lisa Ferriere, Ann Galonska, Anne Greineder, Kathryn Myers and June Gaeke, and our student intern, Henry Kennell.

It’s exciting to see them all come to life.

Mansfield’s Colonial Gravestones:  The Carvers and their Art

Explore the art of 18th century gravestone carvers working in what has been dubbed the Eastern Connecticut Ornamental Style. This style is characterized by a winged cherub face surrounded by border carvings of vines or abstract geometric designs. Several noted carvers working in this tradition are represented in Mansfield’s colonial cemeteries. Photographs and rubbings of gravestones carved by Obadiah Wheeler, Benjamin Collins, Josiah Manning, Gershom Bartlett, Jonathan Loomis and others will be on display. They demonstrate that a great range of artistry and originality existed within the constraints of this stylistic tradition.

Many thanks to Kathryn Myers who has taken new photographs of a number of the gravestones in the Old Mansfield Center Cemetery.

Ebenezer Snow gravestone
Ebenezer Snow, Mansfield Center Graveyard – Photo credit: Kathryn Myers
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