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LOST MANSFIELD #2: JOHN SALTER HOUSE, MANSFIELD CENTER. This house, built c. 1754 for John Salter, Esq., was one of the landmarks of Mansfield Center.

It was located on the westerly side of Town Street (now Rte. 195), opposite the dwelling of his brother, the Rev. Richard Salter. This large imposing house (60 sq. ft.) while relatively plain on the exterior was architecturally rich on the interior. Its parlors were handsomely paneled and wainscoted and the windows and stairways were highly ornamented in the Georgian style.

John Salter House
John Salter house, built c. 1754. It occupied the now vacant land between the Edwin Fitch house, built in 1836 (563 Storrs Road) and the Roswell Eaton house, built in 1797 (587 Storrs Road).

The house burned on March 26, 1902. By then it had been unoccupied for some years, occasionally serving as a summer rental. Charlotte Davis recalled the scene: “It burned down on a bitter cold night in the winter of 1902. I remember it well as a child. Charles H. Learned who lived across the road woke the village by running in the streets ringing his dinner bell. No fire equipment so house was completely destroyed with whatever furniture it contained.”

John Salter House
The John Salter house is on the left. Across the road is the Williams-Salter House, still standing and now painted red (572 Storrs Road). It was built in 1711 for the Rev. Eleazer Williams, Mansfield’s first minister, and later occupied by the Rev. Richard Salter.

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