Charles E. Randall

Charles E. Randall was a resident of Mansfield on February 29, 1864 when he enlisted as a Private in Co. D of the 21st Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. On June 16, 1865, he was transferred to Co. G of the 10th Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry; he was mustered out on August 25, 1865.

The descriptive muster of the 21st Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry lists his age as 18 and his occupation as farmer.  He is described as 5’ 6” tall with a light complexion and blue eyes and light hair. 

He was born about 1847 in Connecticut to Augustus and ______ Randall. In the 1850 U.S. census in Oxford, Massachusetts, he a 3-year-old, born in Connecticut in the household of Augustus Randall.  The wife of Augustus in that household, Keziah (Hale) (Rogers) Randall is unlikely to be his mother as that couple was married on June 15, 1848. His mother may be the Abby Bartlett/Bartelle who married Augustus W. Randall on March 16, 1848 in Thompson or more likely, an unknown previous wife. He is a 14 year old living in the household of Augustus Randall in Mansfield, Connecticut in 1860. Charles E. Randall and his father, Augustus, both joined Co. D of the 21st Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. 

According to his 1896 admittance application to the National Soldiers’ Home, he lived in Kansas after the Civil War and his closest living relative was a half-sister, Ella, living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ella was a daughter of Augustus and Keziah Randall. Charles was 50 and single. He was described as 5’ 11” tall with a fair complexion and blue eyes and brown hair.

His first admission to a National Soldiers’ Home was on February 1, 1896; he was readmitted on August 6, 1909 and for a third time on January 21, 1910. He suffered from gastritis, heart problems and impaired vision.

Charles E. Randall died on April 19, 1918 at the National Soldiers’ Home in Johnson City, Tennessee. This was known locally as the Mountain Home.  He is buried at the Mountain Home National Cemetery in Tennessee, Section C, Row 10, Site 12.

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