Industries of Mansfield

O.S. Chaffee & Sons Silk Mill

Silk Mills of Mansfield

Mansfield Silk Company Mill, Gurleyville The large mill in this engraving was built c. 1800 by Ephraim Gurley for the production of steelyards and other iron tools. In 1827, the Mansfield Silk Company was founded and the Gurley mill was purchased for the new enterprise. This was the second silk mill in this country and […]

History of Silk Production

History of Silk Production

The Beginnings Of Silk Culture The culture of silkworms (Bombyx mori) began in China about 5000 years ago. The ancient Chinese were the first to discover that the cocoons of a lowly caterpillar could be unwound and the filaments woven into some of the most beautiful fabrics in the world. Silk was so highly prized […]