Register for the May 26th ZOOM Program

Register for the May 26th ZOOM Program
MHS invites you to attend: “Mark Twain, Cosmic Traveler.” Presented by Bryan Roy, Assistant Manager of Interpretation at the Mark Twain House & Museum
May 26 at 7:30PM (eastern time)
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From a young age, Mark Twain was a traveling man. Whether it was traveling in a steamboat up the Mississippi, crossing the American desert in a stagecoach, or one of his countless trips across the Atlantic; it’s hard to imagine a place he did not go. This program will discuss many (but not all) of the trips he took over his life as well as a few that he did not. We will explore where he went, why he went, and how he got there. We will also delve into Twain’s vivid imagination and discuss some of the Universe’s most sought-after travel destinations. His birth under Halley’s Comet triggered a fascination with outer space as well as the proposed methods of travel therein.

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