MHS members we need your help in staffing the museum this summer.

Consider spending a Saturday or Sunday afternoon greeting our visitors. As an MHS host/hostess your responsibilities will include greeting visitors, collecting the admission charge, orienting visitors to the museum, providing guidance on COVID-19 precautions, safeguarding collections, sales of merchandise, and offering membership forms and newsletters.

Each day we will need one volunteer, but two would also be fine if you would like to share the responsibilities.

Two ways to sign up.

  1. Pick a day from the schedule below, enter your name, email, and phone number. Pam Roberts, Coordinator for Museum hosts/hostesses will monitor that master list and fill spots as needed by phone and email.
  2. Call Pam Roberts at (860) 428-2406 or email to indicate a date you would like to serve. Pam will administratively sign you up.

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Date: August 29, 2021

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