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Adopted on JUNE 16, 2021

These guidelines are based on current State of Connecticut and CDC/federal guidance regarding COVID-19 and our best current knowledge of health risks in our area plus the size of exhibit spaces. As with many museums, the Mansfield Historical Society cancelled planned exhibits and closed our building to the public for the 2020 museum season. The guidelines allow us to confidently open for our 2021 season.

Vaccination is the best protection you can provide for yourself and others around you.

Risk of COVID-19 in this area is low. However, our small, indoor spaces are difficult to ventilate and have low ceilings. And, we expect a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals across a diverse age range to attend. These factors increase the health risk. These conservative opening guidelines were developed to best protect our staff, volunteers and visitors. We wish to be family friendly.

  1. We require masks and social distancing by all attending a public event in our indoor spaces regardless of vaccination status. Complementary disposable masks are available for anyone needing a mask.
  2. Wearing of masks outdoors is discretionary at your own comfort level. You may remove masks to enjoy our refreshments while distanced outdoors.
  3. We will limit the number within the indoor exhibit space to a total of 20 individuals at a time.
  4. Family units (“bubbles” who live together) may travel through the spaces together, being careful to socially distance from others not in their unit. Please respect the instructions of our staff and volunteers if we need to invite you to wait to enter due to the capacity limit.

These COVID-19 Guidelines were adopted by the Mansfield Historical Societie’s Executive Committee on June 16, 2021

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