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“And So The Tomb Remained” Presented by Dr. Nick Bellantoni

September 22, 2022 at 7:30PM VIA ZOOM

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“And So the Tomb Remained”
Presented by Dr. Nicholas F. Bellantoni , PhD Emeritus Connecticut State Archaeologist 

Stone and brick tombs were repositories for the physical remains of many of Connecticut’s wealthiest and influential families. The desire to be interred within burial vaults, rather than have their wooden coffins laid into the earth in direct contact with crushing soil burden, led many prominent families to construct large above-ground and semi-subterranean tombs, usually burrowed into the sides of hills as places of interment for their dead.

This presentation is based on our new book “And So The Tomb Remained…” telling of the former state archaeologist’s investigations into five 18/19th century sepulchers while delving into family histories and genealogies, as well as archaeological and forensic sciences that helped identify the entombed.

There will be a drawing for a copy of Nick’s book at the end of the program. Your registration for the program will enter your name in the drawing.

Dr. Nicholas F. Bellantoni, Emeritus Connecticut State Archaeologist

Dr. Nicholas F. Bellantoni serves as the state archaeologist emeritus with the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History at the University of Connecticut. He received his doctorate in anthropology from UConn in 1987 and was shortly thereafter appointed state archaeologist. He also serves as an Adjunct Associate Research Professor in the Department of Anthropology at 

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